Beach Party Games

Beach Party Games

A trip to the beach with friends is a great opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and the fast pace of living. Bodies of water such as lakes and rivers have always helped to relax, reset, gain strength and go to new achievements.!

This entertainment has gained wide popularity and has many fans. It is because of two factors: simple rules and minimal equipment. Thanks to this, there is nothing better!

If you are looking for a universal way to have fun outdoors, interesting lawn games, or picnic games, you won’t find anything better than QB54! This BBQ game will definitely change your idea of a cool pastime with friends or family!

Features of QB54 BBQ game

The game is truly simple, it does not require special knowledge, skills or abilities. All you need is desire, a good mood, a spirit of competition, and an even number of players. However, this is not mandatory.

The other attributes of the game are two small camping chairs with a net instead of a seat and a shield-like structure at the back, as well as a regular 9-inch rugby ball.

The uniqueness of the equipment lies in its compactness. This interesting beach party game won’t take up half a trunk, all elements are easily folded. The use of camping chairs in the gameplay is a gift for those who are always trying to find multiple uses for everyday items. If you remove the net, then the gaming accessories transform into ordinary chairs that can be used for their intended purpose, while they can easily support up to 275 pounds.

Party Game Set QB54

Rules of the game

What do you need to know before starting the game? The QB54 is a blend of football and basketball, two of American’s favorite sports, and it takes the best from each. From football – a cool ball for throwing, from basketball – a net.

Before starting the game, it is important to carefully read the rules and think over a strategy that is guaranteed to lead to victory.

Preparatory steps:

• choose a comfortable, if possible flat area. It will be a lawn, a sandy beach – it doesn’t matter, because the beach party game set is universal;
• place the camping chairs with the net opposite each other forty feet or less (depending on the desire of the players and their skill);
• decide on the number of players (you can play one on one or two on two, so that everything is fair).
• If the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket, the offensive team gets 2 points;
• Defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound from the chair before it hits the ground.

You have to take turns throwing the ball. The round ends when one of the teams reaches 54 victory points. For the losing team, in this case, there is one chance to rehabilitate: The Hail Mary rule suggests the opportunity to test their skill and accuracy. Having calculated the difference between the team’s points (for example, ten), the player retreats the same number of steps from the opponent’s goal, turns around and throws.

It is very easy to score the points in the game. You earn 3 points for hitting a chair, while a touchdown earns 6 points.

The beach party game also has bonus points for certain actions:

• Kicking the ball;
• Hitting the shield post;
• Bouncing the ball into the basket (+2);
• A defensive player catching the ball that bounced off the chair and has not yet touched the ground (+3);
• Kneeling after intercepting the bouncing ball from the chair – applies during TD throw (+3);
• If the interception is successful and the player runs to the opposite goal line until the opponent touches it with both hands, the player has the opportunity to make a throw, landing, and earn +6;
• When the previous option is not performed, there is a chance to earn +1 by catching the ball with one hand.

Overall, this is a truly popular beach party game that will be fun to play every time!


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Fun Beach Party Game

Where to play QB54

This is not a difficult game that does not require special equipment. It is great for a variety of situations. Do you want to have fantasy football party games or competitive tailgate party games while you are waiting for your friends? Need some picnic fun? Everything is possible with this game!

QB54 is an active beach party game, because the sand is the most convenient place for chairs, and such a relaxing atmosphere is the best way to compete. The universality of the gameplay allows both adults and children to participate – only accuracy is important. Two makeshift baskets in camping chairs, one rugby ball – all you need for the competition!

You can get together in a big company, invite neighbors and friends for a picnic, drive several cars to your favorite place. Even if the trunk is filled with food and blankets, you don’t have to worry that there won’t be enough space for the game – all the attributes of the picnic party game do not take up much space and fit in a small bag.

Besides, you don’t always have to travel to play, because the QB54 is great for playing on the lawn, when guests suddenly want to have fun after a ton of barbeque.

The popularity of themed holidays in the US is skyrocketing. You can celebrate the birthday of your beloved son with a football party. And in this case QB54 will be an excellent option to have fun and throw out energy, leaving pleasant memories. And this is the most important thing, what such entertainment is aimed at! All in all, this is a great beach party game and more!

Best Game Set for Beach Party

Story of Creating a Game

The game was created by Michael and Frank Silva. They never sat still, and one day they decided to have some fun, but there was nothing around except a ball. But how to play without goals and a big team? And then they came up with a brilliant idea – to use trash cans as baskets and play right on the lawn near their house, throwing the ball in turn. Analyzing numerous competitions in different sports, the brothers came to the conclusion that the score of 54 is the most common, and decided to use it.

Years passed, the boys grew up and, gathering for a holiday in Georgia, remembered how they used to throw the ball into the bins. Without thinking twice, they went out into the yard and remembered their childhood. Seeing them, their neighbor also decided to join in. In total, they played for 3 hours. The game turned out to be so exciting and unlike anything else that the brothers decided to improve it and introduce it to the whole world.

The brothers developed rules (Frank suggested using camping chairs) and started using this improvised game set for parties and beach vacations. There were many people who wanted to join in, which only confirmed the originality of the game, and now there is always something fun to do at picnics!

In the game, there is the opportunity to block the opponent’s throws, make side throws, perform weighted, targeted, and desperate throws. Such lawn party games give a lot of impressions, and it is interesting to play them again and again!


How to make your beach party active and unforgettable?

If you want your beach party to be remembered as the brightest event of the summer, you need a little: a good group of active friends, a cool place and outdoor games. The latter is something without which the holiday will definitely not succeed. A cool game for the accurate players QB54 will help make it unforgettable. It will help not only to put together the team, but also gives you the opportunity to brainstorm, thinking through different strategies for defending your goal and attacking.

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