1) Set Chairs in Game Mode

2) Set Chairs approximately 40 feet apart, or adjust according to skill level

3) Game can be played one vs one or 2 vs. 2 - When one vs. one - players are playing from opposite sides - When 2 vs. 2 - teammates are on opposite sides

4) Players Alternate Throws.

5) Hit the Chair on a Fly - Player/Team gets 3 points

6) Player throws ball into basket (touchdown) - Player/Team gets 6 points

7) Score touchdown, kick for extra point. Earn an Extra Point by kicking through goal posts. Win game if your kick goes into the hole/basket.

8) If the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket, the offensive team gets 2 points.

9) Defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound from the chair before it hits the ground. Defending team must allow the ball to hit the chair first.

10) Switch sides when the leading team reaches 12 pts, 24 pts, 36 pts, 48 pts

11) First team to reach 54 wins ! (Gotta win by 2). Losing team gets last licks, one throw.

Pro Rules:

Team mates play on the same side to add these rules.

Pick-6 Rule:

Intercept a thrown ball that hits any part of the chair (including goal posts) before it hits the ground:

Option #1: Take a knee immediately after interception for 3 points.

Option #2: After interception is made, run to opposite goal until touched with 2 hands by opponent. At the spot of contact, attempt your touchdown throw for 6 points and an extra point try. Miss touchdown throw and you get no points (No points for the original interception).

Note: The interception rule is always in play for the other team during the TD throw.

Muffed Extra Point Attempt Rule:

Catch a missed extra point with one hand only!

Option #1: Catch the missed extra point with one hand for one point

Option #2: Catch missed extra point attempt with one hand and run towards your opponents goal until contacted with 2 hands. At point of contact, you can attempt a touchdown throw. Miss the Touchdown and you get no points and ball goes to other team.

Note: Interception rule is always in play for the other team

Hail Mary:

Team losing at 54 or greater have one chance at redemption.

  • Subtract the winning score by the losing score to determine the paces. (Example: 54-34 = 20) (20 paces away from your goal).

  • With back against your goal take the 20 paces away from goal and turn around to face your opponent’s goal.

  • If any part of the chair or goal post is hit on the fly from the Hail Mary pass, the game is tied up.

  • If a touchdown is thrown from the Hail Mary pass you win. A total miss will result in a loss.


Both Pick-6 and Muffed Extra Point Attempts, laterals can be used to reach or get closer to opponents goal. A lateral is a sideways or backwards direction toss.


Blocking is also allowed during Interception and Muffed Extra point returns, to enable the offense to get closer to opponents goal.