About Us

Our names are Michael and Frank Silva, we are brothers and we created QB54. We know how to have fun. Ever since we can remember, we created our own games to entertain ourselves. These were the days when kids actually went outside to play, remember that? QB54 actually started out when we were 9 and 12 years old using 2 garbage cans.

We called it "The QB Thanksgiving Classic". During Thanksgiving all of our friends left to go visit family and we were left just the 2 of us watching football on TV. We got bored easily but were itching to play football, so we thought how can you play football with 2 people? Ah garbage cans!!! Our parents thought we were crazy but we thought we were geniuses. So we set up the cans and started throwing, and throwing and throwing trying to get it in the can. We're now in our mid 40's and we're still throwing. Last year our families met up in Georgia where Frank lives and we had Thanksgiving.

Guess what instead of cleaning dishes as always, Frank says, "Thanksgiving Classic?" And within a heartbeat we are out there with beer in hand throwing the football like we did when we were 9 and 12 years old. As were playing his neighbor comes by and starts playing for 3 hours straight!!! After the neighbor left, I looked at Frank and said "We need to do something about this!" Frank came up with the genius idea of using the chair to incorporate it into the game for a dual purpose, and QB54 was born. Everyone always asks, whats the "54" for, and we say the first team to 54 wins. Next question why 54? We respond, why not! We pulled that number out of the air, it just felt right, and you know what, we find most games end exactly on 54.

We grew up in NJ, Frank moved to Atlanta Georgia and I am still here in New Jersey. We created the business at the beginning of 2016 but we have been perfecting this game for over 30 years. We launched our online shop August 2016. If anyone has any questions they can reach out to both of us at teamsilvaenterprises@gmail.com. Please also check us out on our QB54 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.