Picnic Game

Picnic Game

A joint outdoor pastime with family and friends is a good idea for weekend. If you want to relax, reset and experience positive emotion, you should spend your time actively. And the great option here is QB54. It is an excellent entertainment for a picnic that can interest absolutely everyone!

QB54 is a fun picnic game. It has simple rules and a wide range of actions: throw the ball into the basket, kick the ball into the goal and earn more points than the opponent. The distance between the chairs may be different, depending on the players’ level of preparation or preferences. This game is suitable for both adults and children. It is an interesting BBQ. As it is a blend of football and basketball, it can help you to train agility and accuracy. The game can be played anywhere. It doesn’t matter where the picnic takes place: on a lawn, beach, or in a park. If you play it with your friends or families, you will definitely have a great time!

QB54 - the best option for a picnic!

This game has several unique features. Its main element is a chair equipped with a net similar to a basket and metal goalpost just above the seat. This means you can choose how to score goals against the opponent, by throwing the ball into the basket or kicking the ball into the goal.

When playing this picnic game, you can choose any distance between the chairs and any number of players on each team. So, you can play one on one or gather a team. It won’t affect the excitement of the game process.

Best Picnic Game

Game Rules

QB54 has simple rules that are easy to remember, even if you have no experience with team games. It’s a simple beach game, the rules of which are easy to remember and understand by everyone.

You need to place the chairs on opposite sides of the designated playing area. The classic distance is 40 feet, but you can place the chairs however you like.

This game can be played by small teams of 2-4 players, or one on one. The essence of the game is that players throw the ball into the opponent’s basket or goalpost to earn points.

Scoring system:
• Hitting the chair (without hitting the ground) – player or team gets 3 points;
• Touchdown or throwing ball into the basket – player or team gets 6 points;
• interception (kicking) – player or team gets 1 point;
• The ball bouncing off the ground and landing in the basket – player or team gets 2 points (defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound from the chair before it hits the ground).

When one of the teams reaches 12 points, it is a time to switch sides. According to the rules of QB54, the team first to reach 54 points wins. If one team wins 2 games, it gets total victory. For the losing team there is one chance to save the game making the accurate throw into the opponent’s basket or goal. In this case, the distance is determined as follows: if losing team earned 40 points, then this number is subtracted from 54. That is, 54-40=14. So, the ball must be thrown from the distance of 14 steps.


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Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

QB54 Picnic Game

What do you need for a game?

Are you looking for interesting picnic games? Choose QB54, it is simple and extremely interesting game!

Initially, the trash cans were used instead of chairs. Today, a game set consist of two folding camping chairs and a rugby ball. The chairs are made of durable metal with an anti-corrosion coating. The seat is made of waterproof polyester. The chairs are easy to fold and fit into a bag that does not take up much space in a backpack. These chairs can be used to relax after the game, they can easily support up to 275 pounds. The legs of chairs are equipped with non-slip pads that prevent it from sinking into the ground or sliding down the grass.

The composite leather ball has excellent grip and fits comfortably in the hand. Inside there is a chamber.

Why QB54 is the best picnic game


The non-slip legs of the chairs allow to use the game set on any flat surface. You can even play the lawn game after rain on a wet grass. If you want to enjoy the fresh sea air, you can easily place the game set on the beach and play QB54 with your friends. After the match, the chairs can be used for relaxation.


QB54 is a low-traumatic game, the main thing is to follow the rules and instructions for use.


No additional tools or fasteners are needed to set up game equipment. The game also has other advantages, that will delight fans of outdoor activities.


QB54 is a modern game, that combines excitement, competition and team spirit. The set can be used indoors for trainings and skill development. In general, this yard game can be used for different purposes.


QB54 easily fits in a bag and is stored in the house or trunk. When unfolded, it can be placed even in a small backyard. The set will be a great gift for friends or loved ones who like outdoor activities and entertainment.

TOP Picnic Game!

This game will liven up your passive outdoor recreation! You can earn points in different ways, and the rules can be adapted to the players. A family picnic or a beach party will be fun and exciting!

QB54 picnic game is the best picnic option. It has millions of fans around the world! All you need is a game set of 2 camping chairs with baskets and a ball, and a partner, or team, ready to share the fun with you.

QB54 is the best way to diversify your leisure and have a great time! To buy this game set, you need to choose the color you like, and place an order on the website.


What game should you play at picnic?

QB54 is a great option to have fun at a picnic and do not play games on your phone. This active kind of entertainment has simple rules and doesn’t require any special preparations. The game is intended for an active pastime with a family or friends. It is a blend of rugby, football and basketball. The rules can be adapted to the players’ skill and preference.

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