Football Toss Game

Football toss games

Sports games are a favorite activity for those who lead an active lifestyle and care about their health. QB54 game is the best option here. It’s the best football toss game that you can play with friends, neighbors, and family.

Often, it can be difficult to practice football, basketball, tennis, or other sports due to a lack of access to a sports ground. Sometimes, there’s no opportunity to gather a full team in one place. All of this creates certain difficulties to play. That’s why many choose the simplified option of competition – QB54 game set. This fun football toss game will provide training at any convenient time.

Best Football Toss Game

What is qb54?

At first glance, there is nothing special in this game. But in fact, it is extremely exciting and unique. Its second unofficial name is the football chair game. Basically, it’s a combination of football and basketball. You can use it as beach toss game, or tailgate toss game. It is suitable for any occasion.

This game includes a minimum of equipment:

  • two camping chairs made of durable materials and equipped with special nets instead of seats;
  • 9-inch rugby ball with original vintage logo. The ball can be used for other games.

The game equipment is made of high-quality materials, so it will serve you for years. A rugby ball is made of soft composite leather. It fits very comfortably in the hand. There is a latex air chamber inside the ball. It allows to inflate the ball with the pump.

Everything is very simple just like the rules of the game itself. We will return to them later. But for now, it should be noted that this is the best football toss game, which is very popular in the USA. By the way, it was also created in the USA by two brothers, Michael and Frank Silva. When they were kids, they came up with idea to throw the ball in trash cans. One day, when boys grew up, Frank suggested to use camping chairs with built in nets instead of trash cans. That was the time, when QB54 was born.


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Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

QB54 Football Toss Game

What is the essence of QB54?

The rules of this game are not particularly difficult, and anyone can learn them without any problems. Like any other top football toss game, it can be played by teams. But also, you can play it one on one.

The essence of the game is to take turns throwing the ball into the basket. The game continuous until the leading team erns 54 point. However, the losing team has the right to make the last throw to save the game. That’s why QB54 is so popular among adults and kids.

So, first you need to put the chairs opposite each other. The distance between them should be about 40 feet. The players can change the distance depending on their skills, abilities and preference. QB54 can be played one on one, or two on two.

The scoring system is very simple. The team/player earns points for certain actions:

  • when the ball hits the chair on the fly, the player or team gets 3 points;
  • if the ball lands into the basket – 6 points are awarded;
  • additional points can be earned for kicking the ball into the basket, or kicking through the goal posts;
  • if the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket, team/player gets 2 points;
  • defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound ball from the chair before it hits the ground;
  • when the leading team scores 12, 24, 36, or 48 points, the teams switch sides.

In addition, side attacks and blocking are allowed in the game. They can be used to reach or get closer to the opponent’s goal. Such a throw itself is a sideways or backwards direction toss. Blocking is also allowed during interception and extra point returns.

Where to play QB54?

Such lawn toss games can be classified as portable. In other words, QB54 can be played almost anywhere. It will be an excellent option for those who don’t have much time to relax or the opportunity to go to the sports ground. It is often used as a tailgating game. During the tailgate party, QB54 can be perfectly combined with grilling, enjoying refreshing drinks, and playing lawn games. It’s an exciting football toss game for family. Kids play with their parents, having a great time together.

Such lawn toss games are great help when you need to properly organize your leisure time. You can play this football chair game in the backyard, park, on a hike, camping, sports camps and other occasions. Just don’t forget to take the game set with you!

Also, QB54 is an awesome beach toss game. The beach is a great opportunity not only to sunbathe, but also to engage friends in some activities and enjoy time together.

QB54 is the perfect game for BBQ parties, beach birthday parties. This game is a great option to have fun and spend some energy. You and your guests will remember such exciting party for a long time.

The first team to reach 54 points win the game. In this case, the losing team has the last chance to change the outcome of this fun football toss game.
QB54 Football Toss Game Set

Main advantages of QB54

This QB54 football toss game has many advantages. Those who already have this game set can tell a lot of interesting things about its advantages.

Here are just the most important ones:

  • Compactness and easy to use: the chairs unfold and fold easily and quickly, allowing you to save space in the car trunk. Thanks to the low weight of the set, it can be carried in a bag, backpack, and even in hands. There is no need to prepare a special platform for the game: place the chairs on sand, soil or grass.
  • Simple rules: rules of the game are easy to remember from the first time, and even kids can play QB54. All the necessary information is given in the instructions to the game set.
  • Health benefits: This game usually is played outdoor. This is very useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and rarely go outside. In addition, it trains muscles, and movements accuracy.
  • Socializing: this football toss game for friends allows you to improve the communication level. You can play it with your family, friend, or neighbors;
  • Universality: QB54 can be played by everyone: kids and adults, students and businessmen, men and women. You can play it everywhere: in the backyard, park, on the beach, or in the stadium.

After playing a few rounds, team members can relax using camping chairs for their intended purpose. They can easily support up to 275 pounds.

You can buy QB54 football toss game set in our online store. Everything you need for the gameplay is included to the set. No prior preparation is needed here. When you buy the game set, you can start playing on the same day. There are various game set designs, that you can choose.

QB54 is one of the best football toss games, that has very simple set of rules. It can be played by people of all ages. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills. Buy this game and enjoy your pastime.


What is football toss game?

Football toss game is a specific form of entertainment. The main task here is to throw the ball into the opponent’s basket or goal posts. As a rule,two teams with a certain number of players must participate in such games. But it is possible to play it one on one. Such games are simple, but at the same time active and exciting. QB54 is the best football toss game.

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