Yard Game for Family

Yard games for family

Yard game for family allows you to spend time together, and get a charge of positive emotions!

It is rare when it is possible to bring everyone together. Such moments are especially appreciated, and that’s why we want to make them memorable. That is why QB54 will be the best option for spending leisure time with your family!

This game was created for family entertainment. It is simple, but at the same time it will not let you get bored. QB54 is an active and dynamic game, but it doesn’t require any special skills and abilities. You just need to read simple rules, find flat surface and start the competition.

Fun Yard Game for Family

How to play QB54?

This is the best yard game for family. Playing this game, you can train agility and accuracy. The game equipment is quite simple and multifunctional

To start the game, you need a regular 9-inch rugby ball, two camping chairs with a net, and the goal shields on the backrest. There is a bag to store and transport game equipment. Before starting the game, it’s important to determine where the playing field will be located. QB54 is universal game. The legs of the chairs are equipped with non-slip pads, making them stable on any surface. That is why you can play this game on grass or sand.

Place the camping chairs on the flat surface opposite each other. Recommended distance between them is 40 feet. You can change it due to the players’ preference. If you are playing for the first time, you can place the chairs a bit closer and practice a little.

You can play this game one on one, or two on two. If you are competing 1 on 1, you should stand opposite each other. If you are playing two on two, the teammates are on opposite sides. After these preparations you can start yard games for family QB54.

The participants take turns throwing the ball into the opponent’s basket. The winning score is 54 points, but it doesn’t guarantee a 100% victory. According to the Hail Mary rule, the losing team has the right to one final throw that will determine the outcome of the game. To do this, you need to subtract the winning score by the losing score. For example, 54-36=18. It means, that the player of losing team takes 18 steps away from their goal and turns around to face the opponent’s goal. Then, the player throws the ball, and if it lands in the basket, this team wins the game.

When the leading team reaches 12, 24, 36, or 48 points, teams/players switch sides. The first team to reach 54 points wins. The losing team has the right to a bonus throw.


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QB54 Yard Game for Family

How can you earn the points?

During the game, it is important not only to accurately throw the ball into the basket (a touchdown earns 6 points). There are a number of certain actions, for which you get extra points:

  • hitting the chair on a fly earns 3 points;
  • kicking through the goalpost earns 1 point;
  • score touchdown, kick for extra point.

If the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket, the team/player gets 2 points. If the ball hits the chair, bounces, but the player manages to catch it before it hits the ground, the team gets 3 points.

There is an opportunity to get points, if you intercept a thrown ball that hits any part of the chair before it hits the ground. Take a knee immediately after interception to earn 3 points. When the interception is made, you can run to the opponent’s goal until touched with two hands by opponent. Attempt your touchdown throw to earn 6 points.

Where else can you play QB54?

This fun yard game for family is suitable for various occasions. QB54 is TOP BBQ game for family. You can gather your loved ones in the backyard, enjoy delicious meal, and have fun playing active games. This family picnic game is compact and won’t take up much space. It will liven up any beach, BBQ or picnic party.

This popular football chair game is a great opportunity to train your accuracy and agility. And you can play it practically anywhere.

QB54 is a favorite game of many celebrities. It is played by ordinary people and professional football players. Nick Carter, Backstreet Boys frontman, Jarrod Johnson, EX NFL and NFL QB Coach, and Brad Johnson, EX NFL Quarterback, are the fans of QB54.

Play yard games for family and have a great time with your loved ones.


What can we do atthe yard with the family?

Playing outdoors with your family is always fun and exciting. QB54 is the best option for such pastime. It is perfect for active families who like to spend time usefully. This game is a good opportunity to train accuracy, agility and just to have fun.

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