Yard Football

Yard Football

Yard football is one of the most popular games in the world, familiar to almost every person. True fans of this type of activity are ready to arrange matches all year round! But if full-fledged game requires a team, QB54 can be played one on one! It’s a great way to play your favorite game anytime and anywhere.

Yard football game was created by two brothers, Michael and Frank Silva. They came up with this entertainment that requires a minimum of equipment and is suitable for people with any physical fitness.

Main characteristics of the game set

This game is also called chair football. Rightfully so, as QB54 is the best yard football game, that consists of 2 folding chairs. This camping chairs are equipped with goalposts and a net instead of each seat. It is comfortable to sit in the chair, resting after the match. These chairs can easily support up to 275 pounds. There are no small details in the game set. There is no need to use any special tools to assemble the set and start your competition.

There is also a 9-inch rugby ball made of composite leather. It fits comfortably in the hand. There is a latex air chamber inside the ball, that allows to inflate it with a pump. There is a bag for game set storage and transportation.

Fun Yard Game for Family

Interesting features of QB54

QB54 yard football game requires a small team. You can even play it one on one. A small yard near your house is enough to organize such fun entertainment. Also, you can use QB54 to arrange best fantasy football party games. You can place camping chairs on a grass, sand or soil. QB54 is a great opportunity to play football anywhere!

The game is less traumatic than rugby, and simpler than basketball, since the basket is low and even a child can throw the ball.

A fun yard football game is a great entertainment option for active people. It can even be used at home. At the same time, the chairs are easily folded and unfolded. There is no need to use any additional tools to assemble the game set.

It is an awesome football toss game. This game allows you to play with your hand or feet. Also, the set is suitable for basketball and rugby players in order to train accuracy and agility in throwing the ball.

A fun beach football game QB54 will give you a lot of positive emotions. This game is a great opportunity to show off your skills and work on team spirits.

QB54 is a great choice. On the one hand, the game has the same elements as football: a field, a goal, a ball, but at the same time, this version of the game does not have strict rules. You can play one on one, or two on two. The recommended distance between the chairs is 40 feet, but you can change it due to the players’ skills, abilities and preference.


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Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

QB54 Yard Football Game


There are some key rules to follow. Determine the available space in the yard and install chairs on opposite sides. The optimal distance is 40 feet, but it’s up to you.

Create teams. If there is a large number of those, who wants to play, it is convenient to play in small groups of 3-4 people, but 1 on 1 competition is no less interesting and fun. The players take turns throwing the ball into the basket. The first team to reach 54 points wins.

When the leading team reaches 12, 24, 36 or 48 points, the teams switch sides. The yard football game has a scoring system:

  • hitting the chair on a fly – player/team gets 3 points;
  • player throws ball into basket – player/team gets 6 points;
  • player/team earns an extra point by kicking through goal posts;
  • if the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket – player/team earns 2 points;
  • defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound from the chair before it hits the ground.

Why should you choose QB54 as yard football game?

Suitable for any age

QB54 has simple rules that even a child will understand them. It can be customized for any age group. For example, by reducing the distance and time of the halves, it is possible to ease the playing conditions and make football accessible to the older generation. Accordingly, physical fitness can also be different.


The game set consists of large elements made of environmentally friendly materials. If you follow the instructions in QB54 game process, it is difficult to get injured.

Easy to use

You can unfold and fold champing chairs in a couple of minutes. They are stable on any flat surface (soil, grass, sand). All you need is the set itself, some space and a friend to share the fun with you.


QB54 is a perfect option for beach party, picnic, barbecue, and even camping trips. A small set that fits in a backpack or car trunk will help you to set up a playground anywhere you want. This is a yard football for players of all ages, which combines the elements of rugby, basketball and volleyball. The goalposts are made of durable and lightweight material with anti-corrosion coating.

You don’t need to wait for a sunny day or a warm season to play football. Use QB54 and organize exciting matches all year round! It’s the TOP football chair game that can provide many interesting moments!


What is the best yard football game?

The best yard football game toplay is QB54. This is a very practical game set that allows you to play with theball using only the ball and 2 camping chairs. The invention of the Silvabrothers has already gained popularity all over the world. Just place twochairs opposite each other and have fun! To arrange a competition, two peopleare enough and a little space in the yard, on the beach or lawn.

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