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QB54 Navy Blue Game Set (Level Up) QB54 Navy Blue Game Set (Level Up)

QB54 is Taking the World By Storm! The Hottest Game on the Market!

🏈 Each Game Set is action-packed!

🏈 Highly Addictive!

🏈 QB54 has all the elements of football without the CONCUSSIONS!

🏈 When finished form into 2 usable chairs that support up to 275 lbs each!

How To Play:


    • FOOTBALL YEAR-ROUND: QB54 is the ultimate football game built into two camping chairs. Score points by making completions, touchdowns, interceptions, and kicking extra points! The first team to 54 wins.
    • TAILGATING CHAIR: A game & chair set all in one, there’s nothing quite like QB54. Whether you want beach games for adults, outdoor games for the family, yard sports, or lawn games, QB54 is all you need.
    • GAME DAY: Using the chairs and goalposts, toss and kick the football to score points. When you win, sit down & relish in your victory! It’s the perfect outdoor set with simple set up & easy cleanup.
    • PLAY ANYWHERE: QB54 plays like cornhole but instead of bean bags you throw and kick a football. It’s fun for kids, teens, & adults when hanging out at a beach, tailgate, picnic, party, or backyard.

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      When you are finished playing sit back in your chair and relish your team's victory! Each chair supports up to 275 lbs.QB54 is Fun for Every Man, Woman and Child! Perfect Family Fun! Great addition to any tailgate, backyard or camping party!


      QB54 Game Set Includes the Following:

      ✔️ 2 Foldable Vinyl Canvas Chairs
      ✔️ 2 Sets of Yellow Goalposts
      ✔️ 1 Carrying Bag
      ✔️ 1 Football
      ✔️ 1 Kicking Tee
      ✔️1 Ball Pump with Steel Needle

      US Patented: US 9,950,230 B2 and US D806,423 S

      $ 164.99

      QB54 Navy Blue Game Set (Level Up)