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Navy Game Set
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Red Game Set
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Designed and engineered in the uSA



Each Game Set is action-packed!


Lots Of Activity & Fun + Football + Two Usable Chairs


Fun To Play With Your Family And Friends


Qb54 Has All The Elements Of Football Without The Concussions!

A lot of fun! safe for whole family!





Where to play?

Play at the beach!

Brad Johnson
ex-NFL QB killing
it poolside
Sit and chill
with QB54
Nick Carter crushing QB54 backstage
How to play the best game out there
OMG! QB54 is getting kids off the screen!

Why we created QB54?

My brother and I created the game for people to have fun, to escape the monotony of everyday life and to bring some joy and fun into their lives. In today's world, people are constantly being divided, whether it’s through politics, race, religion, etc., our game brings people together through fun, excitement, and competition.

Our game also brings the day at the beach, a backyard BBQ or a tailgate party to the next level. People also feel proud when they introduce a new awesome game to their friends, its like they are earning social credibility with their buddies or "I'm cool because I introduced this awesome game to you!"

And this is the best way to get your kids off their screens

– Michael Silva

How to play?

QB54 is the ultimate football game built into two camping chairs. Score points by making completions, touchdowns, interceptions, and kicking extra points! The first team to 54 wins.